Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Dianetics Hotline

When I was first introduced to Scientology it was through the book Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health which I've read many times since.

As workable as it was in 1950 when it was first published, it is that effective today. Of course L. Ron Hubbard did a great deal of research after than and in the late 1970's he developed what he called "Net Era Dianetics", but the original procedure outlined in what Scientologists often refer to as "Book 1" (in other words the first Dianetics book) still works.

What's great, though , is now there is a Dianetics hotline. If you start exchanging Dianetics auditing (counseling) with your husband or wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, neighbor etc. and you run into something you aren't sure about, you have help at the other end of a phone line. There is even an online feature at the Dianetics web site that allows you to log on and get the help you need.

I met someone from Pakistan who is using the online help line to set up the first Dianetics group in his area.

It's a great combination of a really workable mental and spiritual technology with 21st century high-speed communication lines.