Friday, March 31, 2006

I lost my allergies with Dianetics

I got the book, Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health and began reading it. It sounded pretty revolutionary to me and yet I was interested and wanted to try it out. I looked in the back of the book and discovered that there was a Church in my area and contacted them. The receptionist got me in touch with a consultant who signed me up for some auditing.

I started the auditing (Scientology spiritual counseling) and found it was a lot of fun. The person (auditor) who delivered this to me was very friendly and never told me what to think about anything I said, but just continued with the process listed in the book. While on the third session, we were looking at something that happened to me when I was about 10 years old. I experienced a lot of emotions, high and low. Finally at the end of the session I felt really good about what had happened and realized something changed. I didn't know what it was, but it changed.

I went on to my routine that day and that afternoon I went to a monthly meeting where the execs of that company smoked cigars. Every month they would do this at this meeting and I would get tremendous migraines. You see, I had always been told I had allergies to cigarettes and that the reactions to smoke was the allergy - that I would have this for the rest of my life.

I went through the entire meeting that day without a flinch or a thought about the lack of reaction to the smoke in the room. It wasn't until late that evening at home I was surfing the Internet that I began to smell the cigarette stench on my suit. I then realized that I did not react to the smoke - no headaches, nausea, heavy pains in my neck, etc. I recognized that earlier that morning I had had a Dianetics session and that what I had addressed in that session somehow resolved the condition that had been told to me by medical doctors would last my life. So because the real cause of these alergies were spiritual in nature, the technology of L. Ron Hubbard, in a short time had resolved this. It was incredible.

I have had no allergies to cigarette or cigar smoke since. I came to understand what the hidden enemy was - The Reactive Mind - and had gotten personal understanding of its existence.