Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Church of Scientology of Malmo Introducing People to Dianetics

Staff and volunteers of the Church of Scientology of Malmö take to the streets to share the good news about Dianetics with their community

Malmö-Since its grand opening in April, staff and members of the Church of Scientology of Malmö have been introducing their neighbors in the greater Malmö area to Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health, and its potential for bringing about important reforms and improvements in the city.

First published in May 1950, this perennial bestseller has even more relevance today than it did 59 years ago. And nowhere more so than in the greater Malmö area.

The people of Malmö face enormous challenges. According to one recent article, unemployment in the Rosengaard district of the city is 70 percent, crime affects one of every three Malmö families each year and the number of rapes has tripled over the past 20 years.

The first step in changing any situation is understanding the underlying causes of the problem. In addition to revealing why people act the way they do and how to dramatically improve the quality of life on a one-on-one basis, Dianetics also “embraces the conditions and processes of leadership and intergroup relations,” explaining how groups, cultures and even nations become irrational. It goes on to state, “There is no national problem in the world today which cannot be resolved by reason alone.”

L. Ron Hubbard wrote Dianetics so that anyone could read it and easily learn techniques to help people overcome the most unwanted conditions in their lives. In addition to making this book broadly available, the Church of Scientology of Malmö offers Dianetics Seminars courses and profession training at its new headquarters at Sockerbruksgatan 2, Arlöv, 23 235 Malmö.

For more information, contact the Church of Scientology of Malmö or visit the Dianetics web site.

The primary step in resolving the broad activities of man could be considered to be the resolving of the activities of the mind itself.— L. Ron Hubbard -- Scientology 0-8