Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Dianetics at AOSH EU (AOSHEU)

Did you know that Dianetics has been translated into over 50 different languages?

This is particularly important in Europe where over than 40 different languages are spoken.

AOSH EU (The Church of Scientology Advanced Organization and Saint Hill of Europe) is a very special Scientology church. Not only does it minister the advanced spiritual counseling in their Advanced organization, and the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course (advanced counselor training for Scientology ministers) but they have staff from all over Europe, many of whom speak several different languages.

AOSHEU is also a very beatiful church, in the heart of Copenhagen. The architecture and decor are uniquely Skandinavian. It is an active, warm, exciting place where something is always happening.

Scientology courses differ from courses taught elsewhere in that you don't have to wait for the semester to start to enroll and begin your training. You can walk into a Scientology course and start a course any day - that is literally 365 days a year at any Scientology church in the world.

Since people start courses every day, of course they complete them throughout the year too.

So we have graduation ceremonies at our Scientology churches every week.

The AOSH EU graduation is held on Friday nights. It is a lively affair. Usually starts off with some kind of entertainment. Those who have completed Scientology training or spiritual counseling services for the week are invited onto the stage to receive their certificates and share their wins with the rest of the church members.

The last time I attended a graduation at AOSHEU I was impressed by the incredible diversity of the evening. There were parishioners from Italy, Russia, Spain, France, Sweden and of course Denmark who came up to share what they had gained from the services they had just completed.

There was an AOSH EU staff member standing by to translate into English - the language spoken in common by most of those present. She was an AOSH EU executive staff member who does simultaneous translation on the side!

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to this unique Scientology church.

Here are links to each of the many languages in which the Dianetics book is available:

English Dianetics | Afrikaans Dianetics | Albanian Dianetika | Arabic Dianetics | Belorussian Dianetics | Bengali Dianetics | Brazialian Dianética | Bulgarian Dianetics | Croatian Dijanetika | Czech Dianetika | Danish Dianetik | Dutch Dianetics | Farsi Dianetics | Finnish Dianetiikka | French Dianétique | Georgian Dianetics | German Dianetik | Greek Dianetics | Hebrew Dianetics | Hungarian Dianetika | Indonesian Dianetik | Italian Dianetics | Japanese Dianetics | Korean Dianetics | Macedonian Dianetics | Nepalese Dianetics | Norwegian Dianetikk | Polish Dianetyka | Portuguese Dianética | Romanian Dianetica | Russian Dianetics | Serbian Dianetics | Sinhalese Dianetics | Slovakian Dianetika | Slovenian Dianetika | Spanish Dianética | Swahili Dianetics | Swedish Dianetik | Taiwanese Dianetics | Thai Dianetics | Turkish Dianetik | Ukrainian Dianetics | Urdu Dianetics | Uzbek Dianetics | Vietnamese Dianetics | Xhosa IDianetics | Zulu I-Diyanethiki |

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