Thursday, February 10, 2005

Dianetics workshops are conducted in Indonesia. The workshops, run by Scientology Volunteer Ministers, teach the attendees how to effectively help tsunami survivors deal with their trauma.

From one of the Scientology VMs of the Medan relief team in Indonesia:

Scientology Volunteer Ministers at the Dianetics workshop“Apart from those who had suffered physically, we saw so many people left shaken, unable to sleep, experiencing heavy grief from their loss and with no will to carry on. We knew we had something that would help and that something could be done about it.

“Therefore, we started giving Dianetics spiritual counseling, one-on-one. The relief people experienced soon spread by word of mouth and before we knew it, people were coming to us at a greater rate than we could deal with.

“The solution to this was to train people in this technique and get them helping us to help others. This has been a great success and people from all walks of life got involved. We have trained local members of the community who just want to help, doctors, nurses, people from the military and other volunteer groups who saw for themselves what a simple, but effective remedy Dianetics counseling is.

“I believe the total number of people we have trained is around three hundred, that means a lot of people can now be helped.”

Comments from some people who completed the Dianetics workshop:

“This seminar was very good. It made me feel better. Here we have learned how we can help others to be better. I realized that even by just being patient and listening that you can help someone a lot.” - Djamin

“I have always wanted to know about Scientology and what they do because I saw the yellow t-shirts. I heard there was this workshop today and I came. I think it’s really good. Before Dianetics I felt like there was a lot of weight on my shoulders but now it has been lifted and I feel lighter and more comfortable and happier.” - Ikhsan

“I learn a lot today. I think we are all burdened in some way with emotions and many people just cannot deal with them. But with the Dianetics workshop we learned how to relieve these emotions and get rid of the burden.” -A.T.

“I have learned more in this afternoon than from three years of professional training. I want to thank the Scientologists who give their time and energy to come here and help the Aceh people.” - R.H.

For more information call the VM Hotline 1-800-435-7498 (US & Canada) or from outside North America call 1-323-960-1949 or e-mail to

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