Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dianetics in Africa - Statistics

There's a new Dianetics web site in South Africa to help people in that country and throughout Africa learn about Dianetics and get paired up with someone else who also wants Dianetics and start helping each other, one-on-one.

There are literally millions of Dianetics books in circulation, and I think it's really important that anyone who wants to use Dianetics gets the help they need and gets to get going!

Scientology churches, Scientology missions and Scientology and Dianetics groups offer Dianetics seminars that get the person going right away. Attending a weekend seminar, you can usually set up a "co-audit" (that's the term for two people who help each other back and forth with Dianetics or Scientology counseling. "auditing" is the term for this counseling, as it meanst "to listen" it Latin.)

So - some results:

How has Dianetics technology affected your personality?

76% More understanding
74% More self-confident
73% More extroverted
72% More self-control
69% More easy going
69% More honest

67% More self-respect
65% More outgoing
64% Less critical
64% More patient
61% Better as a friend

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