Saturday, September 04, 2010

Nice new blog--Life Made Easier

found a really nice new (for me) blog tonight. Thought I'd share some of the guy's thoughts:


The other day someone asked me why I do what I do. My answer to that one was quick and honest. I like to help people. When I first read the book, Dianetics, my first thought wasn’t, “oh, I need this technology delivered to me right away”. No, my first thought was, “Gee, people need this delivered to them so they can be more able in life”. It was then and there that I decided I wanted to be this person that L. Ron Hubbard described in the book, Dianetics whom he called an auditor, or “one who listens and computes”. I was 16 years old at the time. No one had explained anything to me about Dianetics or tried to give me their opinion. I just read the book by myself, at night, at study hall during school or any chance I got. It made sense to me and explained to me a lot of things. Perhaps it’s why I didn’t immediately feel I needed it delivered to me right away because it gave me a sense of calm from now understanding more about myself and why I was the way I was. So I decided others needed this information.

As I’ve said before in an earlier post, there wasn’t any Dianetics center near me or any Scientology Church close to me. I found a place 4 hours away from where I lived. I had to know more so I took the trek almost every weekend to learn more. It was my desire to help that led me to joining staff and eventually going from North Carolina to a larger church in Miami, Florida. I had to be an auditor.I did it, and the rest of that story is just history. However, this isn’t even the point of my post today.

In all this time of training in this technology, one thing was clear to me. A lot of people have trouble with the subject of help. Some look at help as an effort to harm. It’s sort of like that saying, “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is”. Sometimes this may be true, but not all the time or even as much as the media would like you to believe.

Now, through studying what I have studied, I understand why help became viewed the way it sometimes is and how that can be overcome in a short period of time. Help can be given and received if done correctly with the correct intention. Luckily, L. Ron Hubbard also did a lot of research on this subject and came up with some solid answers and techniques to assist a person to handle any problem he has with help, both giving and receiving. I used to find it amazing how hard it is to help some people, but now I know why.

So, there are reasons why some people have such a high desire to help others and why some people don’t. There is a reason why some people will receive help when offered and why some people won’t. The most frustrating thing for some people can be having a desire to help and trying to help someone that won’t receive it. I know I personally have inspected my life and those points most upsetting for me were the times I wanted to help and couldn’t.

I would love to now go back and grab each one of those people I couldn’t help before and really get them to a point where they would be willing to receive help. Maybe one day…

The primary step in resolving the broad activities of man could be considered to be the resolving of the activities of the mind itself.— L. Ron Hubbard (Founder of Scientology and Dianetics)-- Scientology 0-8

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