Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dianetic Auditors Needed for Disaster Relief

The following posting showed up on the Scientology Volunteer Ministers web site today:

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Disaster Relief in Java
The first teams of Volunteer Ministers have arrived in Java to help in the aftermath of this week's earthquake, which left more than 5,000 dead and over 20,000 injured.

The driving rain is not only hampering the efforts of relief workers who are trying to provide essential services to the survivors, it is forcing some of the estimated 130,000 people who were left homeless by the disaster to return to their houses in search of shelter despite the threat of further building collapses.

Teams of Scientology Volunteer Ministers from Medan, Indonesia, and from the Church of Scientology of Perth have arrived in the disaster area. Another team is en route from the Church of Scientology of Sydney. Churches of Scientology in Milano, Tokyo, the United Kingdom and the USA are now forming up teams.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers Disaster Relief Teams will train anyone who wishes to join them and help in this effort. To learn more about how you can help, contact:

Australia, New Zealand and Oceania Coordinator, Virginia Stewart at:

US Coordinator Aenetta at,

UK Coordinator: Ann Rollins at,

South East Asia Coordinator, Angel Wijayanto at:

From my experience in other disasters, I'm sure Dianetics auditors will be needed as so many of the survivors will need Dianetics counseling to overcome the trauma.

After the tsunami, some Dianetics auditors traveled to Sri Lanka to deliver Dianetics workshops and Dianetics started making the rounds of the refugee camps. Fortunately it is so easy to learn that anyone can help.

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