Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Dianetics Success

I had to post this - it is very cool how Dianetics counseling helped this person.

"My well-being has returned with Dianetics.

“I had tremendous weight loss — extreme fatigue, just getting up and doing my basic routine was almost more than I could do. I was losing most of my hair, I suffered from horrible headaches, and I just was dying basically. I was going from doctor to doctor, and they basically said ‘There’s not a lot we can do for you, we really don’t know why your body's doing what it's doing... you're probably going to die.’

“I was devastated, I was a young woman, I had my youngest son getting ready to get married and I might not have been a part of it.

“One of my son's friends introduced me to Dianetics. We had just three sessions and totally handled the problem. I began to get healthy again, I began to stop losing my hair, my weight started to come back on and the headaches are gone. Dianetics, to me personally, saved my life. I know that without it, I wouldn't be here.”

—Kathy Zeigler

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