Tuesday, August 01, 2006


According to a recent survey 43 percent of Americans say they suffer from the adverse affects of stress.

Did you know that most people find some relief from stress from their first Dianetics session?

Scientology churches and missions provide Dianetics seminars where persons attending get paired with others and they help each other with Dianetics techniques, under the supervision of trained staff.

In the course of a weekend or a few week nights most students can learn enough of the technique to help their partner. It is very simple to learn.

Here's just one example of what people get out of Dianetics:

"Before Dianetics I never knew what a Reactive Mind was. I didn’t know there was an enemy there and that the enemy was in my mind, right here. You know, I was always looking for it outside in other people, you know, my older brother, my wife, my parents, the world and it wasn’t there, you know it was always inside of me"

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