Sunday, September 09, 2007

Dianetics and Emotion

It wasn't until I got well into Science of Survival in my study of the Scientology and Dianetics Basics that I realized how much this book follows on from Dianetics. Of course it would be obvious to anyone who looked at it, but I'd never read these books in chronological sequence before, and although Science of Survival has long been one of my favorite books, I didn't see that it had such an intimate relationship with Dianetics.

I had always wondered what it was that caused some people to pick up the mannerisms of others and act a bit like their own version of someone -- usually of one of their parents or the leader of their group or the boss at work, It puzzled me that they would sound like this person and move like him, etc. In reading one of the chapters in this book, not only did I understand this but I realized what can be done to help a person be himself and why that's important from a perspective a spiritual gains.

And one other point about these materials--when I heard David Miscavige describe the care that went into restoring these books to their original intended content I was impressed by all the work and care that went into it. But when I started reading Science of Survival that turned into awe, not just for the work Mr. Miscavige and the Sea Organization put into doing this (the religious order of the Scientology religion) but for Ron. I always loved this book, but now it is incredible how easy it is to understand and how much I'm getting out of it. I look forward to the time I get to study my books every day.

The primary step in resolving the broad activities of man could be considered to be the resolving of the activities of the mind itself.— L. Ron Hubbard
-- Scientology founder.

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