Thursday, April 13, 2006

Loss of prized pet handled with Dianetics

It is not unusual or uncommon for a pet to become a 'member of the family'. In many cases, such as dogs or cats, their lifespans range from 10 to even twenty years. So it is no wonder that when a pet dies, a tremendous loss is felt throughout the family, with depression occurring for days if not weeks.

Such was the case with a family and their beloved cat, 'Anthony'. He had been with the family for over 14 years. And at age 14, still considered himself a kitten. He had his own personality , and, as one member put it, "You knew when he was in the mood to be petted and definitely knew when not to bother him." They even said that there were instances where they even learned lessons from him, simply because he seemed to know when a family member was not doing well and stayed with each through their illness rather than going off to chase a bird or catch a mouse.

One night, Anthony when playing with the oldest son, shreiked, fell silent and died. It was no surprise that the entire familyexperienced a feeling of deep loss. Each had shared moments of joy with Anthony and all felt a gaping hole in their hearts.

The depression lasted for several days and began to deepen. The house grew somber with each passing day.

One of the family's neighbors saw the progressive depression and suggested to the parents their son, who was a Scientology Volunteer Minister, could probably help them through their loss. Their own family had had a similar situation and, suprising as it sounded, he had helped them through theirsl.

The parents agreed and the following day the Volunteer Minister arrived.

He listened to them and then suggested they be allowed to use a 'spiritual tool' he found quite helpful. Although it would not bring Anthony back, at least they could resolve their real loss.

The Volunteer Minister proceeded to explain to them what Dianetics technology is and how it works. He then, over the course of the next few days, delivered Dianetics auditing to each of the four family members. Each one in turn, discovered what was holding the feeling of loss in place for them and resolved their personal issues regarding it. These were all discovered and resolved without any advice or comment from the Volunteer Minister, as this is not how Dianetics Auditing works.

The family was able to resume their lives. It was not long after this that they went to a shelter for homeless animals and found another cat to fill the home, once again, with the happiness Anthone had given them. They knew that Anthony would never come back. Their memories of Anthony were no longer was connected with pain and loss. Rather, now they were left with all the happy memories .

Months later the family communicated how much they appreciated the help of their neighbor's son - the Volunteer Minister - and his Dianetics techniques. For them it gave them a fresh start in life and resolved their loss.

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