Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Woman Helped to Recover with Dianetics

An elderly woman had both knees replaced and was at home recuperating. She was still having tremendous problems walking and quite apprehensive about being able to walk comfortably again. She was also having difficulty healing and it seemed to her doctors that, due to her age, it was just going to be that way.

One of her next door neighbors had a son who was a Scientology Volunteer Minister. Having the idea that there might be some spiritual component in the length of time it was taking for her to recover, they told her they wanted to have their son come and see if he could help. They'd heard that Dianetics technology handles psychosomatic problems and were wondering if that might not be exactly what she needed.

The following day the Volunteer Minister arrived at her door. He introduced himself, in fact the neighbors were with him just to ensure that she would be comfortable with him. After a brief introduction, the Volunteer Minister applied a couple of assists, techniques developed by
L. Ron Hubbard that operate on the principle that one tends to withdraw mentally or spiritually from an injured area. Only by restoring communication with this area can one bring the spiritual element into healing, thereby greatly speeding the healing process.

The woman felt less pain in her legs, however she still felt apprehensive about walking.

The Volunteer Minister suggested Dianetics counseling. He briefly explained its procedure and
scheduled to come see her the following day.

He began delivering to her Dianetics auditing and did this over a few days, for about an hour and one half or so each day. In the process of the auditing the woman discovered for herself why she was so apprehensive and why the healing process had been taking longer than usual. She found great relief in receiving the auditing and her rehabilitation time actually was cut better than half, which surprised the doctors and physical therapist to no end!

The woman now walks every day -- at least a half mile every day -- in addition to her daily household routines.

At 80 years old, this is quite an accomplishment.

She attributes it all to Dianetics!

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