Saturday, April 08, 2006

Rocky relationships handled with Dianetics

Relationships and the problems which arise from them at times plague all of us at one time or another.

Here's just one of many examples of how Dianetics techniques help people overcome past losses and clear the way to better relationships.

A young man was having continuous problems -- relationships with the kind of women he was attracted to never resulted in a lasting, stable relationship. No matter how he tried, he just was never able to break out of this pattern, which led to tremendous frustration and upset as the outcome was always the same.

A friend told him about Dianetics and then about the Reactive Mind. He gave him the book Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health. The young man read the book and then found that there was a 1-800 number in the back of the book. He called the number and found a church near where he lived and went to the church to get the auditing described in the book.

After a simple interview, he was introduced to someone who took him into session.

The young man had been dating a girl. Out of the blue, one of her old boyfriends had contacted her and said he wanted her back and she left the young man for the old boyfriend. The loss of the girl was addressed with Dianetics and the young man realized she this fit into the same category as the other relationships that had plagued him.

Within a few days, In the course of his auditing, he discovered why he had dated these women. This wasn't something the auditor told him - it was something he realized for himself.

A few days later he happened to be in a store when he saw a beautiful young woman. She was quite different from anyone he had ever met and he decided to take a chance and introduced himself. To his surprise, she was quite willing to talk with him. In fact, she agreed to meet him for coffee at the local cafe.

The two began dating and now are married. The young man credits what he handled in his Dianetics auditing with his being able to create this stable and fulfilling relationship.

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