Friday, April 14, 2006

Silent Birth: Uncovered Truth

There is a lot of buzz on the Internet, TV, Radio and newspapers today regarding silent birth. Most have questions and curiosity about anyone able to ‘remember’ their infancy. It stretches one’s reality and understanding of life and raises many questions. Just what is the truth?

In speaking with a young man, he happened to relate a story which bears consideration.

It turns out that the young man went into a local Scientology Church and decided to try Dianetics. In the process of the Dianetic auditing, it is apparently common practice to have the person move back in time in order to resolve certain spiritual conflicts. As the young man continued to move ‘back in time’, to earlier and earlier situations, in order to address a problem he continued to have in his present environment, he recounted his birth.

Apparently he was a cesarian birth -- that is his mother was cut open as she had already two c-sections done. At the time of his birth, this was an accepted norm. In the process of the birth, the young man recalled the fact that the smallest finger on his right hand had been cut by the Doctor’s scalpel. He remembered seeing the blade come close to his face and putting his hand up, while inside his mother’s womb. He also remembered that he was in pain and was upset, coming out crying while the doctor held him up by his arms. Of interesting and amusing note, the young man remembered how upset he was at the doctor and his only defense was to urinate on the doctor. The doctor apparently turned the baby away from him to avoid the cascade, however the young man remembered that he just twisted his little body in such a manner so as to continue to ‘let the doctor have it’.

At the end of the auditing session, and feeling quite relieved from recounting the birth incident. The young man was still not sure that this had actually happened, as he had never heard this story from his mother. He did, indeed, have a small scar on his little finger, which he had had his entire life. But the additional data regarding his urinary attack still made him wonder if this had really happened.

That following evening he received a call from his mother as they spoke weekly. In the process of the conversation the young man spoke of his birth and only reminded her of the small cut on his finger. His mother then commented that in addition to the cut, he really ‘peeed’ on the doctor. As they both shared the laugh, she then also recalled that even funnier was the fact that it seemed he was quite determined to continue ‘nailing’ the doctor. The young man asked her to clarify what she meant, as this was information he had never been told before. She then said that at the moment that he started to urinate on the doctor and ‘scream his little head off’, the doctor had immediately twisted his body away from his face; the son then seemed to twist his little body and continued to ‘nail’ the doctor. Her comment was that he seemed intent on doing this and it just seemed a bit odd as she felt he was doing it intentionally. But how could a little baby really do this?, she said. The young man said no more other than to acknowledge her statement and said, “I don’t know, I must have been really pissed!”

They both shared a good laugh, however the young man had his answers and realized that he did, in actual fact, recall the incident in it’s entirety. And since having that personal conviction on birth, he now is a real believer in silent birth.

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